On The Road Together

On The Road Together

One of my favorite things to do when driving a longer distance and especially in summertime is to check out the many different state license plates. Whenever my family takes a road trip, I keep track of every state to see how many we can find. It’s always fun to catch the “not often seen” ones.

I recently drove for two hours and found myself once again checking out the license plates to see where everyone around me was from.

It got me thinking how when we are on the road, people come together from all walks of life and all different backgrounds with different destinations to get to. We don’t focus on our differences though, we work together, moving in and out of traffic, letting others in while others change course and exit. Most of the time this all happens with kindness and goodwill. Once in a while though, you get your wayward car that decides it doesn’t want to play nice and cuts you off, doesn’t let you in or communicates in let’s just say, a not very nice way. ????

My point to all of this isn’t to focus on the exceptions but to focus instead on the common. When we are driving toward our destinations with the cars surrounding us, we don’t choose to drive nicely alongside another car because of who they are or aren’t, we don’t get into heated debates about politics or religion, and don’t judge based on nationality, race or gender. We just drive, all hoping to make it to our destination safely.

In the midst of all the turmoil happening in our world right now where so much has to do with our differences, for just a minute, it was a blessing to all be side by side on the road, moving forward together on this journey of life.

As we move through our days, we need to remember that God is in control, He is alongside us, directing us if we allow Him to, helping us to arrive at our destination safely.

Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths; guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.”  —Psalm 25:4–5

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Tina Dorward is a fully-devoted follower of Christ who loves spending time with her husband and two sons and volunteering at her local church. In her free time she reads, writes, paints and cooks.


  1. Great post, Tina! Enjoyed reading this. On my last offering here on Tuesday, I talked about being on the road with my family. One of the games we used to play was spotting state license plates! We’d call them out and Mom would keep track. Whoever found the most at the end of a set time got treated to an ice cream cone or something. The other thing was spotting car makes. Easy to do in those days … not so much now. Or, another game to keep restless kids occupied was what we called the ‘alphabet’ game … watching road signs, billboards, “Burma Shave” signs, etc, and whoever reached Z first got the treat. Fun stuff…

  2. Tina Dorward says:

    Thanks Peggy! Yes they are fun games and make for some great memories. Thanks for commenting.

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