God’s Timing Is Always Best

God’s Timing Is Always Best

We moved across states recently, which I think I mentioned in another post. Let me tell you it wasn’t without some bumps. First we had a month, so that should be enough time, right? We sure thought so. Plus, we were moving back home…to our home state of Indiana. That meant we had family close who could help us find a place and all.

It got down to the day of the move. We had paid a deposit for a place, truck is loaded and we pull out. Kids did amazing and for my twins sometimes that can be tough with them having autism. We get to Indiana boarder and get an email saying our place wouldn’t be ready and they had no clue when.

Cue panic attack!
I’d booked us a room for a few nights in a hotel anyways, so we wouldn’t have to sleep on the floor. God was showing is not to freak out, which let me tell you was hard. We got down to our last night and had to book another night in the room.

At the very last minute, we went to another place I knew of, filled out paper work. We had a day wait. We got the call as my husband was driving home from work that we got the place. The hotel was already booked another night and we wouldn’t need it. Signed the papers and moved in that night.
We had to trust in God. There wasn’t anything else to do. We had moved 8 hours away for my husband’s new job and then got that news. It can be tough when we get upsetting news to not to want to rely on God. That’s when we have to cling to Him even more.

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Allyson Carter is a contemporary and suspense author and blogger. She lives in Indiana with her husband, four children, a dog and three cats, where she homeschools her children, three on the autism spectrum. She has a personal blog at Faith and Homemaking where she writes about her family and faith.


  1. Great story! Thanks for sharing. How easy to go to panic mode the minute our well-laid plans go awry. How much better to believe God can handle it.

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