A Wise Woman

A Wise Woman

“A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands” (Proverbs 14:1)

As a woman in my home, I have the ability to build it up or tear it down…with my own hands. The actions I take, the words I speak and the tone that I set in my home shape the course of the lives that live within its walls. Those lives can be  built up (or torn down). God has given women a powerful ability to influence their family for eternity.

When I think of my mishaps in this area, the impatience, the frazzledness and all the other daily struggles of home life, I can easily allow the enemy to pull me down into guilt and condemnation. But by leaning on Him, each day to pursue the ginormous tasks He’s given me: to help my spouse become God’s man, to teach our children the fear of the Lord and to string together words that point to God’s grace, I can flourish.

You can too! It’s not in our own strength but in His.

So, I’m keeping this verse at the forefront of my mind. I’m continually evaluating how I interact with those closest to me and I’m asking God for guidance to help me build up my home and the hearts that dwell there. Some ways that He’s shown me include:

  • Spending time alone with Him daily before I go about my daily tasks
  • Whittling down my activities to align with my four most important roles in life (at this season): child of God, wife, mother and writer
  • Making lunches and dinners (leads to eating out less often!!)
  • Listening to my spouse and building him up with words of encouragement

Question for you: How are you building up your home? Are there any areas which you’d like God to help you build your home? 

Preslaysa Williams About Preslaysa Williams

Preslaysa Williams is a multi-award winning author and actress. Her work centers and celebrates women of color. Visit her online at www.preslaysa.com Or on Facebook and Instagram @preslaysa Or on Twitter @preslaysawrites


  1. Love this, Preslaysa. I believe so strongly in making your home the safest, most comfortable place ever. This post really speaks to me and will serve as a good reminder for what’s really important.

  2. I realize we can’t guarantee our own happiness, but I wonder how much stronger families would be in this nation if all women followed your bullet points to be wise women.

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