Mary’s Journal

Mary’s Journal

In the month of Nissan

Today we lost the Son of God. After Passover, we left Jerusalem with relatives thinking Jesus was with some of our group. How could we be so blind and not see His desire for the scriptures and the Temple? How could we choose the Temple as the last place to look for Him? May Yahweh forgive us for our failings.

Yahweh, how can we know what is best for this Son of yours? He teaches us and yet you have given Him to us to teach the ways of your Law. He sits at the feet of those in the temple and they are amazed.

How much longer will I have Him, Lord? I know He is not mine, but yet He is mine. I must give Him to you and yet I want to keep Him.

How do I distinguish between Jesus and the other children without showing favoritism? He never fusses, He doesn’t have to be reminded to help with work, and He is so respectful of Joseph and me. I love our children, but it is so hard to keep the peace when the others show jealousy because the firstborn is so perfect.

Lord God, when Jesus was dedicated at the Temple as a baby the man, Simeon, said a sword would pierce my heart. I feel that sword already because I know the day will come when Jesus will leave us. I don’t know what He will do or where He will go, but I must release Him to You because He is Yours already.

You have blessed me beyond my imagination by choosing me to bear your Son. Help me, Almighty One, to be the mother I need to be.

                                                                                    Your servant,


If Mary had kept a journal, is this what she would write? We can wonder about the experience of raising the Son of God and the struggles of knowing who He was while being unable to broadcast it around. How did the other children of Joseph and Mary react when they heard slurs cast against their parents about the birth of their firstborn?

The scriptures say Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart. As Jesus grew, she must have had many memories and questions to keep in her heart and mind. When His ministry started, she was there following and ministering to Him. Perhaps the things she remembered became clearer to her as time went by, but most likely it wasn’t until the crucifixion and resurrection that all became evident to her. Despite the sword that pierced her heart she would have had good memories and many blessings to praise God for.

This Christmas season is a good time to start a journal of your own if you don’t already write your thoughts every day. At the end of next year, you can remember the blessings of the last 365 days He has given you. May you have a very Merry Christmas with your friends and loved ones!

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  1. Love your interpretation of this event!

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