In All Your Getting – Get an Understanding

In All Your Getting – Get an Understanding

The word of God says, “wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom. And with all thy getting get understanding.” (Proverbs 4:7 KJV).

The day after the recent Presidential election, I was in a meeting where we were encouraged to share our feelings, thoughts and reflections about the election results. I did not feel led to share because the aftermath for me was too raw and shocking.

Many of my co-workers did share. A portion of one particular co-worker’s comment REALLY rubbed me the wrong way, I felt as if she was pouring salt into an open wound of mine AND this Country’s. In summation part of her comment questioned, “why are people so engaged in and distracted by this election…” I’m paraphrasing a part of her statement but it set me off.

All sort of thoughts began racing through my mind such as, “as a black woman in America whose mere right to vote was paid for in the blood of my and other’s ancestors who were denied the right to vote but fought on the front lines so that their future, me, would have the right to participate in a Democracy that I am a part of, voting takes on a very different meaning for me. When I cast my vote, I am voting for me and all of those before me who were denied the opportunity – so it is more than a civic duty to me, it is symbolic of my gratitude to my ancestors.”

I was fuming and thinking, “where do we go from here?!” The old me would have simply let it go and washed my hands of her, and secretly hold a strong dislike for her, but the GROWN me said, we need to have a conversation; And that is what we did. My co-worker and I had a discussion. I wanted to know more about her and I wanted her to know more about me and why I so passionately vote in every election. Had I not done this I would not have known that her grandparents were exiled from their country for being politically vocal and she would not understand why I am so passionate about exercising my right to vote.

My hope and prayer is that the real outcome of this election will be that we finally start opening up and having real conversations with those outside of our circles to bring about awareness and understanding for each of our differences. Once we learn to love, appreciate and celebrate our differences it is then we will truly be “ONE Nation under God”. fullsizerender1

A lesson for us all, before we judge someone for not viewing the same situation as we view it, try looking at things from their perspective and if you can’t, get to know them and their story.

“and with whatever else you do, develop good judgement”. (Proverbs 4:7b, AMP)





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  1. So true, Terry! Its rare that we get to the conversation stage. I agree, it takes us being patient and putting aside our thoughts to really sit down and listen. Bravo to you for doing that and in reminding us why this is so important!

  2. Thank you, Terry, for being willing to talk about differences of opinion and to get to know where a person is coming from. I have found it so sad that both sides of the debate in presidential politics had so many who were more apt to lose their temper and insult the person of the opposing viewpoint. We do not have to agree, but it is wiser and kinder to treat each other with respect.

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