A Heart for the Lost

A Heart for the Lost

I’ve been a believer in Jesus for many years. Gone to church most of my life. Been involved in service and volunteered to work with youth and teach since I was fifteen. I’m good right. I talk about peace, love, and hope. Attend services on Sunday and even invite others to worship. I love Jesus with all my heart.

But this week something happened. I was taken aback by an article written by a young man many years my junior. A fellow who has a heart for reaching the lost. We used to go to church together, but since we both live in different places now, I keep in touch with him on Twitter. During the time he attended the same church as my husband and me, we encouraged him in his mission. And I knew at that time God had great plans for him.

Now I know Marion is taking those plans seriously. As I was saying, I read an article Marion wrote. He talked about how he came to Christ as an older teen. Up to that time, he waited for someone to talk to him about Jesus. He got invited to church, he went to events, but no one talked about Jesus. That’s right. No one talked to him about JESUS. Then one day he accepted an invitation and attended church. Still no one spoke up about the Lord. Marion was so thirsty for the truth he ended up reading the Gospel on his own. That changed his life and his approach. Now he speaks freely about his Savior to those who will listen.

I got to thinking, how often do I hide behind the church, the special events, even my writing? How many opportunities have I wasted not talking about Jesus?

I pray for courage and opportunity to speak up about my Savior. Who’s with me?

John 14: 6
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. 

Marion’s article “Is Jesus really the only way?” is well worth reading.

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Penny Frost McGinnis writes devotions, book reviews, and thoughtful posts on her blog, "Hope for Today's Heart." Blessed with five children and eleven grandchildren, she and her husband live in southwest Ohio with two sweet dogs. When she's not working at the local academic library or spending time with family, she enjoys reading, writing, nature, sewing, and praising God.


  1. Wow, right? I try to listen to what God is telling me about talking about things, but I wonder how often I miss opportunities. Such a good reminder, Penny!

  2. Thanks, Penny. I pray for courage from the Lord. I need it too. God bless.

  3. I so agree, Penny! I have to REMIND myself to talk about Jesus. I feel shame!

  4. It was a reminder to myself, Cherie. I tend to clam up too often, when I need to speak up.

  5. Janet, thank you. I ask God for courage every day. Prays that you may have courage too.

  6. Jean Ann,

    I didn’t write this shame anyone, just a reminder that we all struggle with speaking up about Jesus. Especially myself. Thanks for commenting.

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