Kick Up Your Heels and Dance!

Kick Up Your Heels and Dance!

When you know that you are doing what God asks of you in your life, there is a certain feeling and warmth that comes along with a response of obedience. Intuition is built in, for a reason. However,  many times we can’t believe the things we are sensing or feeling, and we find ourselves disregarding the warning signs, the promptings, and the yellow flags yelling at us to proceed with caution before going any further. I can’t tell you how many times I have turned on the mute button on my intuition, because the reality was just too sobering to deal with at the time.

I really love being a servant of God though, because he strengthens us when giving the gift of discernment. Upon my decision of choosing Him to govern my life, there was much I had to change in order to align with His will, but it is worth it when you know by doing so perseverance is truly completing its work on the inside, so we are mature and lacking in nothing. Of course at first it is a roller coaster ride, but I thank God for discernment, knowledge ,understanding and wisdom in my life. It’s a protection a guide, and a lifestyle for me. It warns me, and if I am obedient to its voice I can be safe in the arms of the Almighty God.

Whenever I read about King David’s first order of business of retrieving the Ark of the Covenant when becoming king, I can’t help but smile. At first David was in shock when he initially went about it the wrong way, resulting in the death of Uzzah. However, after going back home and consulting with God, and doing a bit more homework King David came back to bring the ark home, and scripture says this, “So David went down and brought up the ark of God from the house of Obed Edom to the City of David with rejoicing. When those carrying the ark of the Lord had taken six steps, he sacrificed a bull and a fattened calf. David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the Lord with all his might, while he and the entire house of Israel brought up the ark of the Lord with shouts and the sound of trumpets.” 2 Samuel 6:13-15

I love it, because David knew he was doing right in the sight of the Lord, and when you know this in your heart, soul and mind, like King David, you can kick up your heels and dance with all your might! Coming into agreement with the will of God can be challenging, but what a feeling it is when God is smiling on you as he sees his child responding in obedience. David felt so good, he broke out dancing. I think we all should join him as we kick up our heels, and dance!

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D. C. Lassiter is host of the Dovetales radio show and author of Beyond the Face of the Movies, a non-fiction, Christian Living book. You can find D.C. Lassiter on her online blog and on Facebook page.


  1. Thank you for this excellent post and our reminder that even in life lessons we can break out in dance or song for our Lord. Discernment is my prayer.

  2. Hi Jude. Thank you! Yes, “Break out and dance or sing” is right! Thank God for it. I will join you in your prayer for discernment. Have a great week.

  3. Your comments on David’s joy brought this anecdote to mind in my own life:
    Every year when I decorate my Christmas tree, I put on holiday CDs to keep me company. Whenever Mannheim Steamroller’s rendition of “God Bless You, Merry Gentleman,” comes on, I have to stop what I’m doing and dance all over the living room. That arrangement fills me with such joy that it must spill over into dance!

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