You’re Not a Christian If You Don’t Vote For….

You’re Not a Christian If You Don’t Vote For….

I have very few “rules” for the writers of this site. I want them to share their experiences and thoughts and stories, and the only guidelines I give are that we don’t tear others down and we don’t get political. This site started three and a half years ago and so we haven’t had much political stuff on our minds… until now. Because, hello, we’re a month away from electing a new president and this campaign has been one of the craziest and wildest ones I’ve ever seen. We all have opinions that come from our backgrounds and personal situations… and telling another Christian sister how they should vote just wouldn’t be cool here on this space that is meant for safely and freely sharing our experiences and thoughts.

Today I was on Facebook and noticed a post from a favorite writer of mine, Kristin Billerbeck. It was so beautifully written and also to the point in a loving way that I asked her if I could share it with all of you.






I’ve stayed out of the political fray. But I’ve had it!!! Seriously, I know good Christians voting for Hillary and good Christians voting for Trump. I know couples who are voting for the opposite candidate. I can stand a lot, but I cannot stand the whole, “You’re not a Christian if you don’t vote for this candidate.”
You know what? We all come from different backgrounds and histories. We are united in Christ, not some ridiculous candidate.


From a sin standpoint: I couldn’t care less if I ever have an alcoholic drink again in my lifetime, but to say that anyone else who drinks is like the spawn of Satan, is just not right. Alcohol is not my sin nature. It’s easy for me to avoid, so I shouldn’t judge others who have difficulty with it.

You know what is my sin nature? My mouth. I’m Italian. I’m passionate. I’m missing a filter. So someone who doesn’t have an issue with their mouth could easily point a finger at me.

My point here is you don’t know what someone else’s journey here on earth is, or why they might vote or think the way they do. How about just allowing each other to be different parts of the body of Christ without judgment and name-calling?




I thank Kristin for letting me post this here. Check out her website for more on her books and writing.




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  1. Janet K Brown says:

    Thanks, Cherie for posting Kristen thoughts. Good thoughts. God is in charge of our country. Nothing takes Him by surprise. I’m so thankful to be able to rest in Jesus for guidance in all things. He will take care of us even if America falls to chaos, & it might.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I’m tired of all this political stuff too. I have purposely avoided it because of the chaos that ensues. I don’t have time to run down someone for their political stance. Good grief, I’m still working on that imitate Christ thing!

  3. Agreed! I don’t post or comment on political isses. Don’t have the time for it. As well as Paula, I need to work on me and what Christ expects. God bless you, Cherie and Kristin, for addressing this. God bless!

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