My Thoughts on September 11th

My Thoughts on September 11th

I posted this on social media today. I think it is fitting as we remember the events of that fateful day…

This day 15 years ago I was a college student in New York City. I was taking the subway uptown, hoping I wouldn’t be late for my East Asian studies class. It was a little after 9:00 AM. When I arrived on campus, someone told me about a freak accident: a plane crashed into the Twin Towers. I didn’t think anything of it since accidents happen every day.

Then there were more planes crashing in other areas of the nation. By then, the campus turned to chaos. People were wandering, worrying, wondering.

When I visited Times Square later that evening, it was a ghost town. I saw one man wearing a grey business suit covered in debris, wild eyed.

A few months prior to the event, I had started seeking God again. I had lost touch with Him, and I missed my Friend. I think He was preparing my heart.

I won’t post a picture from that day because the pictures are still in my mind. I won’t forget.

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  1. Hi Preslaysa,
    As I read your post, I could not help but remember that I was on a train from Philadelphia to New York that day. On the train my good friend called me and said, “Deborah, did you hear that a plane went into the twin towers?”I didn’t think much of it either, because something is always happening in the news. I was so far removed, that I was hoping my appointment wasn’t cancelled or near the World Trade Center. I can’t believe this was 15 years ago. I really like you saying that you missed your friend–God. All I could do was smile. Hmm, I won’t forget 9/11 also. Thank you for this post. Have a great week.

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