Heading Into New Territory

Heading Into New Territory

Most of us don’t like uncertainty. Especially when we have to make big decisions.

But uncertainty is a fact of life. We cannot move forward on our life journeys without the guts to make decisions in spite of not knowing FOR SURE that we are making the right ones.

I have been watching this struggle play out in my son’s life. He recently graduated from college and is about to start a job in the city. He is heading into unknown territory.

Before he starts the job, he needs to make decisions about renting an apartment. For a kid who grew up on the rural edge of suburbia, moving to an apartment in the city is a big step outside his comfort zone. Other than college housing, he doesn’t even have a context for what apartment living is like, so how is he supposed to know how to make a good choice?

Oh, and did I mention he just asked his sweetheart to marry him, so the apartment he chooses will have to meet her needs too.

No pressure or anything.

Needless to say, we’ve had plenty of conversations on the topic as he contemplates his decision. My son is an analytic thinker who likes to have plenty of data before making a decision, because he doesn’t like to make mistakes.

But sometimes, like with the apartment, he needs to make a decision right now, without knowing everything he’d like to know.

He will have to take a step of faith.

  • Faith that the research he and his fiancée have done is sufficient.
  • Faith that he is capable of using the combination of intelligence, experience, and gut feeling to make a wise decision
  • Faith that God is as all-sufficient as He promises, and He will both direct their choice and help them adapt to their new home.

Facing decisions can be a real test of our trust level, can’t they?

Do we believe in God’s love to the point that we choose not to fear—even in the midst of scary decisions—because we KNOW he will be right with us, no matter what happens? The more we focus on God, on His character, His promises, and His unconditional love for us, the easier it is to trust Him and step out in faith.

What decisions might you be facing today? Has the fear of making the wrong decision distracted you from the reality of God’s love and provision? Maybe it’s time to refocus. And then take a step.
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About Lisa Betz

Lisa Betz writes from an empty nest perched on a wooded Pennsylvania hillside. When not volunteering at the school, church or library, she writes about life, both now and two-thousand years ago.


  1. Decisions can raise anxiety and cause one to second guess themselves. Thank goodness we have God to lean on and trust. Prayers for your son as he takes this big step. And for you mom. It’s not easy sending them out into the world. I’ve been there.

  2. Janet K Brown says:

    I sure hate uncertainty. I think it’s worse with women. We like securing. I’m at the other end, facing retirement & aging which is scary at times. God is our only security whatever our decisions ahead. Thanks. Lisa & God bless your kids.

  3. I would hate to face life’s uncertainties without knowing that I could count on God’s wisdom and faithfulness. So thankful that I also have friends, new an old, to pray and cheer me on.

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