Daddy’s Tears

Daddy’s Tears

I used to sing. Choir, trios, duets, mixed quartets, and solos. I loved to sing, and I had a ‘big’ voice . . . didn’t need a microphone most times. Those days are gone, now, as is the voice. Oh, I can still sing, but don’t ‘perform’ anymore.

A few days ago, someone on a writer’s loop asked for prayer because she was to sing a solo for her church and her voice wasn’t behaving. She was specially troubled because the song God led her to sing was a difficult and emotional one and required her to be in her best voice. And that reminded me of a similar incident for me back in the day.

My dad loved to hear me sing. Thinking of him in the congregation with this proud, silly grin on his face always makes me smile. This particular Sunday morning, I’d chosen to sing an old hymn “O Love That Will Not Let Me Go.” It has always spoken to me on a deep level, and it can make me quite emotional . . . as it did on this morning . . . on two counts. Daddy was seated at the end of the pew in the third row on my left as I stood at the podium.

As I began the song, I felt the usual—and anticipated—thrill of wonder and power of the words to this hymn. I managed the first three verses just fine, but when my accompanist did a bit of an interlude to change the key for the fourth verse, I happened to look at Daddy and came undone. Tears were trickling down his cheek as he smiled at me. My throat closed. I couldn’t bring a single note out. Nothing. I signaled the organist to play a few more bars hoping to collect myself, but it didn’t happen. Finally, I simply read, haltingly, the words to the final verse as the organ played the melody. By the time I’d finished, more than one person in the congregation was groping for tissues and hankies.

I’d sung that song before, but that Sunday was a remarkable experience. And it was even more powerful that day because of Daddy’s tears.

There’s a story behind the writing of this hymn, as told by Lucy Neely Adams in her book “52 Hymn Story Devotions” You can read it HERE

O Love That Will Not Let Me Go

‘There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.’ [I John 4:18a]

Now, one final thing. Though I can’t sing this song any more, I found someone who can. One who imbues all the emotion and power I tried each time I sang it.

Please enjoy this video of Christian tenor David Phelps singing this beautiful, moving and emotional hymn: (If the video doesn’t show up, you can view it HERE

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