Comfort Food…

Comfort Food…

“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.” Psalms 34:8

I just love to eat and most times when I am feeling not so swell, I look forward to going into my refrigerator or cupboards searching for something sweet to devour. My favorite thing to eat is the cheap cake that I am sure to find at my local grocery store or, better yet, that glazed croissant which always makes me smile while I savor each bite. In the event of an emergency I just bypass the cake and go straight for the pizza or lasagna and then of course back to the cake, because what is a meal without something sweet to eat at the end of it?

Truth be told, though I know this type of eating is not healthy for me it has never slowed me down nor stopped me from doing it. Somehow I feel comforted by it, but after my splurges I’m only left with guilt and regret. With all the other problems that one can have in this life why oh why do we continue with this type of behavior, only adding more stress to our lives and bodies? Perhaps, like me, many people rationalize it by saying, “Well, I deserve this and I don’t do this that often.” Unfortunately this has never worked for me. How is it working for you?

I have to admit I’ve been an emotional eater all my life, but after finding the Lord I had to learn that it is He I should be running to rather then the cupboard. Heck we all want that moist piece of cake, but as we already know we can’t have our cake and eat it too! By leaning on the Lord, he has taught me to exercise self-control when faced with things and obstacles that emotionally bull-doze me over and though I am not cured, I find that I am running to God more and more and running to my cupboard less and less.

But now, I am happy to say, through my personal relationship with God I have discovered something so exciting! I have stumbled on the word of God being like a vitamin to me, for the more I eat it the better I feel. Unlike cake, I have found that the bible doesn’t leave me hungry and craving for more, because I actually feel satisfied after digesting it. You want to stay young? Eat the word of God. You’re feeling depressed?Again, eat the word of God! I have found that the word miraculously feeds all the cravings I have on the inside, leaving me whole and complete. I’m not going to lie, because I still have my cake and lasagna when I desire it, but it is not in response to a bad day. I am learning, through Holy Spirit, to make the word of God my comfort food and my snack between meals. Honestly, it is the word of God that ends up kicking that bad days butt right out the door! So, I encourage you to eat up the word of God and have seconds if you can take it, for God says to taste and see that it is He who is Good.

In the words of Julia Child…Bon Appetit!

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D. C. Lassiter is host of the Dovetales radio show and author of Beyond the Face of the Movies, a non-fiction, Christian Living book. You can find D.C. Lassiter on her online blog and on Facebook page.


  1. Tina Dorward says:

    I really enjoyed your post D.C.! I am an emotional eater particularly on bad days and I loved the reminder and visual your post gave. I know I feel most fulfilled when I am in God’s Word so now I’m going to make sure I snack upon it! God bless.

  2. Hi Tina! I am glad that I’m not alone! It is horrible, but God has really been working with me to show me another way. I hope I didn’t give you a visual of food…lol! So, glad you enjoyed it! God Bless you on this holiday weekend sweetheart.

  3. I needed this reminder since my emotional eating days have increased lately for some reason. Probably those lazy, hazy days of summer. God’s Word is always more filling.

  4. Hey Linda! I hope you’re having a great holiday weekend! I just had a piece of cake…lol, but I am not sad in the least bit. It is after a day of praying, reading His word and praising His name. This is actually at the end of my first meal of the day. I think summer, as you said, are those hazy, lazy days and understand completely. Keep eating the word of God… it is more filling 🙂

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