Disappearing Friends, Autism and Godly Response

Disappearing Friends, Autism and Godly Response

 Want to know who your friends are? Have a child with Autism. IT IS SO TRUE! A lesson that me and my family have learned with three on the spectrum.

Like, people don’t talk about this at all. Well, it needs to be talked about. When you get the final diagnosis of Autism from the doctor of your child, you’d think you could count on your friends. Now some you can…others though, will run the other direction. It is like they think their child can catch this from yours. Let me give a piece of mind. YOU CAN’T! Did you hear me correctly. You can’t. Period. I know some family falls into this category and it sucks.

I’d even venture to say these people weren’t really your friends in the first place, if something like this can make them stop talking to you or coming around. Goodbye, you don’t need that stuff in your life as you have enough to deal with. Pray for them and move on. Listen to me, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. This is on them. What we can do is pray. Like I said a little bit ago, that’s all we can do.

[tweetthis]You know somethings they miss out on? I bet you’ve never though about this…let me share some.[/tweetthis]

1. Getting to know an amazing child! God made this child and they’re precious in His sight. When He looks at them, He doesn’t see their special needs. He sees into their heart.

2. Pure and honest. Those with Autism are some of the most pure and honest people you will ever met. Who wouldn’t want to be around someone like that?

3. Love. They have so much love to share.

4. Miracles. They’re miracles from God. Not only that to be given a chance to pray for them. To watch them do things that therapists and doctors say they’ll never be able to do.

5. Being able to stand in the gap for us as we’re going through a hard time with our kiddos. We need people who aren’t afraid to stand with us during the hard times. Someone who will grab our hands and say it will be ok. People who will pray over us, over our kids and not back down, storming God’s throne.

So, when people walk out of your life because of your child’s special needs, let them. Don’t chase them. This is God’s way of giving you someone else who will stand with and for you during the hard times.

What’s some other wisdom or advice for those going through something like this with friends or family?

Allyson Carter About Allyson Carter

Allyson Carter is a contemporary and suspense author and blogger. She lives in Indiana with her husband, four children, a dog and three cats, where she homeschools her children, three on the autism spectrum. She has a personal blog at Faith and Homemaking where she writes about her family and faith.


  1. I used to work in an elementary school library and every week the students in the Autism class came to me. I read to them and absolutely loved having them in the library. Prayers for you and your family as you teach and love on your kids.

  2. Tina Dorward Tina Dorward says:

    I can hear your frustration, Allyson, and empathize with you that they’re not even giving your kids a chance. I’m glad you have some who stick around, who encourage you even on the rough days. Remember them, focus on the ones who do, not the ones who don’t, as you said, it is their loss and not yours. God bless you as you parent these gifts from God.

  3. Janet K Brown says:

    This post breaks my heart but also makes me want to stand up & shout for ones like you that get out the word. Thank you for sharing real feelings. Not everyone is as open to share as you & give us some insight into the struggles you face every day. I’ve added parents of special needs children on my list. What a blessing they are, but what a valley to walk through when they’re yours.

  4. Working with kids with autism, I can say that they really are some of the sweetest kids. There are definitively challenges but at the end of the day they want the same things all other kids want from us, love and our prayers.

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