Eat This Book

Eat This Book

Learning to Crave the Word of God above anything else.

I recently noticed that I’ve been going through a spiritual anorexia. I haven’t been feeding on God’s Word. Instead, I’ve been replacing it with my own plans and strivings. This has resulted in my feeling tired, snappy and worn out. This is not the way to live. I needed to quench the dry landscape of my soul.

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God. My soul thirsts for God, the living God. When can I go and meet with my God? (Psalm 42:1-2)

I’ve been asking myself this big question: When can I go and meet with my God? Feels like my days are extremely full and I don’t have the time to actually meet with God. But He’s shown me that I don’t need long stretches of time. Like eating natural food, I can eat His Word throughout the day. Five or ten minutes in duration, five to ten times a day would do.

I didn’t think that would be enough. But I tried it, and I found out that it filled me.

I carry a Bible around with me. At home, I have a small pocket sized Bible and the Lord has shown me open spaces of time when I can read His Word:

  • at each meal
  • when I get the urge to check my Facebook or my email or do anything internet related (this has opened up loads of time!)
  • when I’m waiting at an appointment (or waiting in line)

Each of these times, I read a couple of verses and then I enter into a dialogue with God. If I read a promise, I’ll whisper my thanks to Him for the promise and ask Him to show me how to incorporate it into my life. If I read something I don’t understand, I ask Him to open the eyes of my understanding.  He’ll often show me another passage of scripture that expands on the passage in question. Many times, I’ll read a passage of correction or rebuke. After trying to justify my behavior in a certain area, I’ll then repent and ask Him to help me in that area.

It’s been nice. It’s been unreligious. It’s been refreshing. Kinda like walking around with a wise friend all day and having Him guide your steps.

I don’t have to use complicated reading plans,. I just go through the Bible verse by verse, page by page, book by book, during the spare minutes in my day.


My Spiritual Meal Plan for the Week:

I’d like to continue my daily readings in my One Year Bible. This is the first year (ever!) that I’ve been on track with reading the whole Bible by using the One Year Bible.

 What your spiritual meal plan for the week?

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  1. I always have a better demeanor when I take time in the Word. I’ve been on those dry spells and they’re not good. I’m thankful I can grab a bit of the word anywhere I go, too. I have the Bible app on my phone and a Bible in my drawer at work. Thanks for the candid words about getting onto the Bible.

  2. Janet K Brown says:

    I’m making out my menu now. Saturday is a good time with a new week right around the corner. Thanks for the reminder to do that, Preslaysa.


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