The Gap Problem

The Gap Problem

I recently heard a sermon on the Gap Problem within churches. It went something like this.

We become a Christian at Point A and live until Point B. Point B could be at our death or when Jesus returns. The Gap Problem is what we do between these points. It’s sort of like the question: “What happens between the dash on the tombstone?” We’re born; we die. But what happens between the dash and the Gap?

In his sermon, the pastor lamented that many of us begin the good life, but spend all our time thinking of when we’ll enter heaven. We forget to live the Kingdom Life while in the Gap or while on earth. We just stand and wait.

Most of us can identify, at least in part.

The apostle Peter preached the first Christian sermon to the crowd at Pentecost and gave ideas of how to live in the Gap. In Acts 2, the people were cut to the heart with what they had done to Jesus, the Lord and Messiah and solemnly asked, “What shall we do?”

“Repent and be baptized” were Peter’s words to the crowd. Three thousand were added to the faith that day. He said the gift of the Holy Spirit would be for them and for all who were far off, which meant the Gentiles.

How are you doing in your Gap? We should always ask what we can do in the Gap we have. How are we to live? We have choices. Do we realize the need of the Holy Spirit to help us live the Kingdom Life here on earth? Wouldn’t it be great if we had the fruits of the Spirit while we wait?

Am I ready for life in the Gap?

The Gap Picture


Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will live in hope…you have made known to me the paths of life; you fill me with joy in your presence.

Acts 2:26, 28


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  1. Great reminder. My pastor/hubby has always said that if all there was to it was salvation, then when we accepted Christ, we would be whisked to heaven. Obviously there is something we are to do since we’re still here. We just have to ask Him what that is and be obedient – therein lies the struggle oftentimes, right? I pray to remain faithful in the gap!

  2. You have nailed it I believe! Yes, therein lies the struggle. I, too, want to listen, abide and obey. Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed weekend.

  3. Janet K Brown says:

    Good post, Jude. Our sermon this morning was on “what drives you?” Guess God is pounding me over the head. I’m nearer the end than the beginning. I need to work for God while I can. Praise His Name for a writing ministry.

  4. Janet, I feel kindred with your words.Thanks for you visit and wisdom. Our sermon today was what are you full of. All connected isn’t it?

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