Satan’s Most Subtle Weapons

Satan’s Most Subtle Weapons

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His ways are very subtle. But then, if his tactics were obvious, we wouldn’t fall for them. He’s the father of lies. The master of deception. He weaves in just enough truth to make his lies believable.  Of course, I’m referring to Satan and his scheme to draw us away from God.

His most affective methods are not those which blatantly try to convince us to leave our faith or deny God. Instead, he chooses to subtly feed us mistruths and slowly but surely steal our devotion away from God. He pokes and prods for ways to infiltrate our lives utilizing these four weapons:

Doubt. Satan likes to put doubts in our minds about God. If He really cares about you, why doesn’t He cure you of your disease? Why doesn’t He take away your painful circumstances? Why won’t He provide a job, get you that promotion, or heal your broken marriage?

It would be great to live a life free of hardship, but Jesus made us this promise, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (Jn 16:33). Don’t let Satan fool you into doubting God. Keep His Word sealed on your heart and know for certain He is with you, no matter what you walk through.

Deception. Often Satan likes to disguise evil and make it seem appealing. A tidbit of shared gossip, a small tweak on your tax form, a casual luncheon with your attractive boss may appear innocent, yet turn out devastating.

Satan likes to put us in compromising situations and feed us thoughts that say, Go for it. One time won’t hurt. When all along, the Holy Spirit is urging us not to give in, to hold fast to what we know is right.  I Thessalonians 5:22 tells us not to even give off the appearance of evil. Refuse to let your principles be compromised. Stay the course and don’t give the devil a foothold in your life.

Distractions. Sometimes Satan simply likes to distract us. If we’re constantly busy and on the go, our time and commitments to God can be squeezed out and our lives become unproductive. Instead, remember to “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.” (Proverbs 16:3)

We can’t afford to let ourselves become sidetracked from the calling God places on our lives. Our time on earth is short, and we must choose wisely how to spend it. By keeping focused on Christ and what’s truly important, we can make each day count for Him.

Discouragement. It’s so easy to compare our lives with others and feel we come up short. Or have our hopes and dreams fall through and feel like we’ve failed. Satan is great at getting us to grovel in self-pity, sink into depression, and lose our will to try.

Discouragement is one of Satan’s favorite ways to bring us down. Yet, Scripture plainly states the best antidote for discouragement is thanksgiving and praise. “I will extol the Lord at all times; His praise will always be on my lips.” (Psalm 34:1)

Next time you’re discouraged, call out to the God of the Universe, praise Him for what He’s done and what He’s yet to do. You’ll soon find your heart lighter and Satan blown away!

The best way to safeguard our lives against Satan’s tactics is to know God’s Word, pray, convey the Fruit of the Spirit, and lead a praise-filled life. May we consider each new day a chance to know Christ and to make Him known.


Cynthia Roemer About Cynthia Roemer

Cynthia Roemer is a Christian writer from rural Illinois with a heart for scattering seeds of hope into the lives of others through her writing. She and her husband, Marvin, have been married for twenty-four years and have two college-age sons. Find out more about her and her writing on her website:


  1. Ann Doohan says:

    So true Cynthia, i get discouraged sometimes because my husband still isnt a christian even though i pray he will find the Lord. God bless.

  2. Keep praying, Ann! God can accomplish so much through the obedient, gentle heart of a wife. Will pray for you both! God bless!

  3. Cynthia, this is such a good reminder for me. What wonderful encouragement to remember! Thank you.

  4. Thanks for your kind comments, Cherie. So glad you were blessed. I continually have to remind myself of these oh so subtle tactics of Satan. He likes to kick us when we are down!! God bless!

  5. Janet K Brown says:

    Oh, this is a good reminder. I get hit by all of them, but maybe, discouragement the most. Great post, Cynthia.

  6. Me too, Janet! Satan knows just how to weasel his way into our lives and knock us down. Thanks be to God, we have a Savior who can help us see past our doubts and discouragement. I don’t know how people make it through life without Him! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Laurie Driesen says:

    Cynthia, Thanks for this great post! It’s always a good reminder to examine our enemy’s strategy to steer us away from God. I can’t believe that even after being a Christian for so many years, this type of encouragement is still so necessary. When we take a look, as you did, at Satan’s methods, it should make us cling even more tightly to the Truth. I know it does that for me! Thanks, Laurie

  8. Thanks, Laurie. Yes. It’s a daily battle we’re waging. But thanks be to God, He gave us the victory through Christ. ‘Greater is He who is in us than he that is in the world!’ Thanks for sharing your comment. God bless!


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