We Are Called to Obedience

We Are Called to Obedience

Routine is comfortable. Seeing the same people, being in the same environment, not having to worry about what’s expected of you because you already know, these are the things we like because they are familiar.

But God doesn’t call us to the familiar or the routine. God calls us out of our comfort zones into the unknown where our need to trust Him  supersedes everything else.

“But you, be strong and do not lose courage, for there is reward for your work.””
‭‭2 Chronicles‬ ‭15:7‬ ‭NASB‬‬

We have a couple from church who will be leaving for mission work with Convoy of Hope in Brussels, Belgium. They are both pastors who were our first real connection at our new church and welcomed our sons into the youth ministry. They were our life lines when we desperately needed them as we searched to reconnect with a new church.

When someone is obedient to the call God has for them, it’s an exciting and yet anxious time not just for the person/s called but all those around them. Things will change with them gone. The faces familiar to the environment where you will still be will no longer be there. The tiny, precious little faces of their children will change and mature and you will have to watch it from a far. An emptiness will reside where their presence used to be. The impact they’ve had on your life and that of your family’s lives will forever be remembered and cherished.

Change is scary, unfamiliar and uncomfortable. When routine changes, we tend to fight it. We may argue with God or with the ones called that they’ve heard God wrong. Why, when they are doing such great work and impacting lives, is God calling them out? This is where trust and believing in God’s sovereignty comes into play. God alone can see the bigger picture. God alone gets to decide; we only get to choose whether we will listen and obey.

I am sad that this beautiful, loving couple will be leaving and living so far away but I also recognize that the biggest part of what I love about them is why they are leaving. They have hearts on fire for God and His people. They are obedient to who God has called them to be. They are willing to trust and be bold and courageous to take a chance by following the unclear path God has laid before them.

Their story is one I think we can all learn from. It takes courage, faith and obedience to follow God’s call. We as believers all receive calls. We may not be called to move to a far away land, but we are all called to something.  Are we listening? What is God calling you to today? Are you courageous enough to be obedient to the unknown and unclear path God has for you? It’s never too late. Let go of what’s keeping you comfortable and take a leap of faith today!

Tina Dorward About Tina Dorward

Tina Dorward is a fully-devoted follower of Christ who loves spending time with her husband and two sons and volunteering at her local church. In her free time she reads, writes, paints and cooks.

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