The Other Deborah

The Other Deborah

When talking about people in the Bible, and someone mentions Deborah, if you’re like me, your thoughts immediately bring up Deborah, the prophetess and judge mentioned in the Book of Judges, and again in Hebrews.

But did you know there was another Deborah who lived long before the Deborah of Bible fame?

This Deborah was Rebekah’s nurse. Remember when Abraham, living among the Canaanites,  sent a servant back to his country to find a wife for Isaac? The servant was told that the first woman who offered to water his camels was the one he was to bring back with him.


Rebekah leaving her home to marry Isaac

In Genesis 24, verse 59, we read where Rebekah, and her nurse, rode back with the servant to Canaan. But the nurse was never named or mentioned again until she died: Genesis 35:8. We don’t know whether she was older or younger than Rebekah, or if she died before or after her mistress.

But imagine the length of time she served Isaac and Rebekah. No doubt she attended the birth of Jacob and Esau. Where was she when Rebekah and Jacob deceived Isaac to steal Esau’s blessing?

Oh, the secrets she must have known, or perhaps been part of. Can you imagine when Jacob returned home with Leah and his twelve sons after his fourteen years under Laban’s thumb? No doubt Deborah welcomed them with open arms and cared for them just as she had Rebekah’s twins.

When she died . . . some scholars say at almost 100 years old . . . she was buried “below Bethel under under the terebinth (oak) tree.”  Note it doesn’t say a tree, but the tree. That makes me think they were honoring her years of loyal, loving, service to the family through several generations during her life with a special burying place.

Though a servant, Deborah was apparently much loved, respected, and honored.

As a child of The King, I want to be a loyal servant like Deborah, I want to hear those words . . . Well done, my good and faithful servant.

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  1. You let the secret out! Now when I ask people who the first Deborah in the Bible was, they will know! Lovely devotional though. Thanks for sharing

  2. Only if they’ve read this post! 🙂 You can still challenge them. Thanks for visiting, Dvora-Debbie. I appreciate it…and you.

  3. Peg this is beautiful, and just warmed my spirit as I read it. God Bless you…

  4. Janet K Brown says:

    Interesting post, Peg. Thanks. I didn’t remember what the nurse’s name was.

  5. Thanks, Janet. Interesting, isn’t it, that her name wasn’ mentioned until she died?

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