What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

Oftentimes when I hear about a tragedy and learn intricate details of things that happened just prior to and right after the tragedy, everyone involved and how they acted or failed to act, I often ask myself what would you have done in that situation? Most of us have heard of tragedies taking place and instead of helping and/or intervening people are recording the incident on their smart phones.

Last night after having dinner with my husband celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary, we were driving down a mountain in awe of the breathtaking views when we were flagged down by a group of people in distress. Without hesitating, my husband stopped the car and I let down the passenger window to hear what the woman was saying. In the back of my mind I had a fleeting thought, “Lord is this safe?” The woman proceeded to tell us that a car had just driven off the cliff and they needed for us to call police for help.IMG_7001

My husband parked the car to assess the situation and began to communicate with the 911 dispatcher explaining what had happened. We learned that the driver in one vehicle had witnessed the accident in his rear view mirror as the car was following him; and the other car pulled up as the event unfolded, none of the people were fluent in English. The car had driven off the cliff, and landed in a ravine upside down. At that point, we did not know how many people where in the vehicle.

After several minutes the one family who drove up on the scene left; we continued to wait, as did the driver who witnessed the accident. As I sat in my car, I randomly posted to social media and requested prayers for what we were witnessing, but more importantly I prayed myself. I felt helpless as I sat in the car all dressed up in heels, thinking, “there is not much that I can do, but what I can do is pray and solicit prayers.” After what seemed like too long, the driver who witnessed the accident told my husband he was about to leave, my husband told him that was fine and that we would wait since we were in such a remote location on the side of a mountain. As I checked my Facebook status, one of my Facebook friends who lives near the area, saw a post that I had made about the accident and stated that accidents are common on the weekends and sometimes it takes days to find the accident. I relayed this information to my husband and confirmed that we needed to wait for emergency workers since it was starting to get dark. My husband called 911 to inquire about emergency service and stressed the need to have emergency workers come to the scene ASAP being that a car was upside down in a ravine and there was at least one person, the driver of the vehicle inside. The driver who witnessed the accident had a change of heart and ended up staying at the scene. IMG_7003

Emergency workers arrived, obtained information from the witness and my husband and began the rescue effort. Things began to unfold quickly as more emergency workers arrived on scene and assessed the situation. We were told that we would be there for a while – the Officers had created a road block. The longer I sat there, and replayed the events that unfolded right after the accident in my head, I began to realize that God had strategically placed me and my husband at that scene for a divine encounter. After we were stopped to help, there were not many cars that came after us and of those vehicles, people looked but no one else stopped and asked to be of any type of assistance.

As the rescue unfolded, we learned that the driver was still alive but unconscious. We also learned that there were no other passengers in the vehicle. My heart was overjoyed! Rescue workers were able to get the injured driver to an ambulance. At that point, we were told that it was fine for us to leave, although we would need to turn around and travel back up the mountain and in essence go the long way around the mountain back to the city.

This story is still unfolding, since we do not know if the person will actually recover from their injuries and if they do what type of future lies ahead for them, but our part in the story has ended; and I’m glad to know that in a tragic situation, not quite sure of what was happening we decided to stop and do our part. Both my husband and I agreed this is definitely an anniversary celebration we will never forget.

I therefore ask you, “when faced with a spur of the moment crisis situation or decision, what would you do? Or what do you THINK you would do?”

And by the way, this is what we came home to. IMG_7005


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  1. Oh Terry…. what a thing to have happened. You’re right, God placed you there so you could do exactly what you did! Prayers were important and so was your comforting presence. I’m glad you and your husband had a good anniversary, too. Happy 11th!

    Bless you for reminding us to pay attention when people need us.

    • Thank you Cherie! I’m glad we stopped, sometimes it is so easy to pause then look the other way and say, “that is not my problem, and none of my business.” However, we must be sensitive to others around us and do our part not just from a Christian perspective but from a humane perspective. Let us all care a little more, be a bit more compassionate showing brotherly love to those we come in contact with. 🙂

  2. This was a far from easy situation to be involved in, but you have blessed me with your actions. I hope I would do the same thing.

  3. Thank you Jude!

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