A Tribute to Dad

A Tribute to Dad

Valentine’s Day isn’t always about hearts, flowers, and sweethearts. It is, however, about love. As much as I look forward to this day, Valentine’s Day has held a sorrowful memory for me for a number of years now.

February 14, 1996 is the day my dad passed away. I hope my fellow bloggers and readers will indulge me as I travel down memory lane.

When a jet streaks across the sky

when the soft chords of a piano drift to the ear

when the sun sparkles on the water

when a snow-capped mountain peak reaches into the sky

when a thunder storm rages

when an old movie airs

when a child’s eyes light up in wonder at the magic of a Christmas tree

when a party is gathered

when the snow creaks underfoot

when the stars light up the sky

when the moon is full

when the ocean waves crash against the shore

when a highway stretches endlessly

I will remember you, for these are only a few of the many things you loved.

I see your smile in the beauty of a sunrise.

I feel your gentle hand on my shoulder in the caress of a summer breeze.

I lift my face to the snowflakes in winter, knowing you are sending them from the tips of your angel wings.

I draw on the strength and courage you had in your last days when I walk through the valley of despair and life’s trials become almost too burdensome to bear.

We spoke few words over the years with our lips, but we kept in touch with our hearts. For you and I, Dad, have been, we are today, and will always be forever close in spirit.

Love you, Dad!!!

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  1. Thank you for this post, Patti. I like your memories of your Dad and most of all I like how it reminds me of the importance of fathers in our lives. Don’t know if we have any men on this blog, but wives, be sure to realize what an important role your husband/father plays. Help him make it one remembered like this.

  2. Hi Jude. Thank you for your comment. Dad was special and I was blessed to be with him when he passed, even though it was a tense, difficult time. I chose the winter scene because he loved the cold weather and snow as do I!

  3. Oh, Patti, this touched me in a very personal way. I lost my dad in 2002. He loved life and loved so many of the things you mentioned: the mountains, the oceans, gentle breezes, music (he played the trombone), flowers (he grew roses and hibiscus), was a member of the Gideons for over 45 years….I could go on and on. We were very close through all the 63 years he was my dad. Most of all, he loved the Lord. I miss him still. But I know where he is and that we’ll be reunited…soon!

  4. Peg, thank you so much for commenting. My dad played piano by ear and entertained family and friends with his talent for years. It is ironic that he passed on Valentine’s Day because he never cared for flowers, but he had a passionate love for the color red.

  5. Janet K Brown (@janetkbrowntx) says:

    How beautiful, Patti. Thanks for sharing this tribute to your dad. Lovely poem. Keep lifting your head to the snowflakes. Isn’t God good to send them?

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