Too Busy to Talk to The Potter

Too Busy to Talk to The Potter

I’ve been overloaded, too busy and too distracted to spend time with The Potter.

It reflected in everything I did: my eating habits, how I related to the kiddos, how I related to my husband…and in my laundry pile.


After a couple of month’s of frustration with my busy, busy life, I decided to get back to basics: my journal, my pen, and my Bible. I started with baby steps, waking up a couple of minutes earlier than usual. In my journal, I basically unloaded on God all the things that had been on my mind: errands that needed to be done, unfinished business I needed to take care of, my feelings of overwhelm. My quiet time didn’t feel too quiet…at least not in my mind.

Then I read some verses to hear what He had to say back to me. The first few times of this, my readings felt off. I couldn’t focus on the words in the Bible, and I left my quiet time sessions feeling as if I’d just wasted my time. Yet I persisted. Over time, a verse would leap off the page and seem to speak right to my situation. I wrote that verse down along with my thoughts, and I left those God sessions feeling refreshed and empowered. I noticed another added benefit. I zoomed through my day, attacking my ‘to-do’ list with a vengeance, and getting clear ideas on how to meet the goals I’ve set for myself. It was awesome.

So returned the next day for another God session. And the next. And the next.

Funny how all my inner angst could be solved with some sessions with the Potter. He’s the Author and the Finisher of my faith, and so it was wise tune in to His station and see what He wanted  to say. Yet I often get caught up trying to do things MY way or the way all the experts recommend. In the end, working apart from His plan left me tired, bedraggled and crabby.



How about you? Are you spending daily time in prayer and meditation?
If not, do you think it would help bring you a greater sense of peace and purpose in the New Year?
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Preslaysa Williams is a multi-award winning writer of Contemporary Inspirational Romance. She loves Jesus, writing excessively detailed to-do lists, and being an introvert. When Preslaysa’s not hunched over her manuscripts, she’s homeschooling her two children and avoiding housework. You can visit her online and sign up for her quarterly newsletter to receive even more encouragement for the journey.


  1. I needed this today, Preslaysa. Spending the week watching three g-kids–one a toddler and one with the stomach flu. Out of my normal routine of starting the day with the Lord, but funny how, in the midst of busy, I still find time to check email and Facebook. I can grab some moments to spend with the Potter! Thank you.

  2. You’re welcome, Becky! I’m so glad that my post encouraged you 🙂

  3. I so struggle with fitting everything I want to do in a day, often my time with the Lord gets squeezed to fragments. Thanks for reminding us how important it is to make Him a priority!

  4. You are so right about the added benefits. When I take time to start my day with the Lord, listen as well as speak, I zoom through my day with energy, too.

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