Taking Time to Appreciate the Sunset

Taking Time to Appreciate the Sunset

I’m pretty wild about sunrises and sunsets. I will stop what I’m doing and just stand there and stare. I’m in awe of them, that God could place us here on earth on an exact axis and speed to have us witness this amazing vision daily – daily! – is nothing short of a miracle to me.

The other night we were driving to dinner and the sunset was one of those that just stops the conversation and makes you turn your eyes to the sky in wonder. We pulled the car over and just stared and admired. The colors! The way certain clouds hung below the rest reminded me of who the original artist is. The way the layers of clouds danced against the edge of the fading light… it was all so beautiful that it stopped everything we were doing and thinking about. I took a picture with my phone:


but of course a picture can’t do it justice. We watched as the sun disappeared and then started up the car and went to dinner.

I felt blessed by this – by seeing God’s handiwork there, reminding me of who was here before there was anything else and who is there for me daily.

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  1. We’ve had some lovely sunrises this fall. God is an amazing artist. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photo.

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