He Has What We Need

He Has What We Need

I’ve been dealing with some health issues and was worried about one of them in particular. Worry is a nasty thing, and I know we shouldn’t do it, but alas, there I was worrying anyway. I confided this with a wonderful person in my life who cares about me, but received a response that should have comforted me but didn’t. She said, “Rest in God’s majesty.” And that was it. Then she went on to talk about her stuff, as if she had just cleared my worries away.

But it made me feel worse. I know that I should rest in His majesty and have it be enough. And yet, I needed more comfort. It irked me that she moved on so quickly from my worries to other things. I don’t share these with people very often and when I do I expect to be treated with loving care. And the thing is, I know she cares about me. Very much.

So what to do?

Forgive her, of course. Unlike so many who blow off concerns or act snarky, she is genuine. Then, turn to God. I bring him all my “stuff,” you know? When I’m feeling uneasy and angry and happy and whatever. My ugly self, the one where I don’t act like I want to, is right there before Him. And He is forever faithful.

I feel like God gives us peace and wants us to rest in Him, but he also put us here to help each other. He knows we need Him and we need that human touch of a hug or someone to hold our hand. He knows we need sympathy and kindness from each other. I found myself gravitating toward this verse:

Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.

1 Peter 5:7

Very often what happens when we rely on someone to give us peace, we don’t find it. We can expect kindness and love from people, but we also need to know they are human and don’t always get what we need. God does. In times like this, I picture him with his arms out, waiting for me to run to him so he can bring me peace. I wasn’t able to rest in His majesty until I had fully given him everything I had, including the irritation I had with myself for not being automatically able to find comfort in her words.

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  1. Janet K Brown (@janetkbrowntx) says:

    Thanks for sharing, Cherie. Our worries really are personal things, aren’t they? No one will pray about them like we do ourselves. Still, I like to share my concerns with 1 or 2 trusted prayer warriors, but yes, even they will fail us at times. God is always faithful. What a peace that brings to my heart.

    • Yes, sometimes even our biggest prayer warriors and trusted friends don’t get it. But that’s okay because ultimately God does and that’s where we’ll find our peace. I agree with you, Janet, that brings such peace that it really is a gift.

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