The Shadow

The Shadow

Shadow 9-8-15

I went for a walk this morning just as the sun was slowly ascending above the horizon. It was positioned in such a manner as to cast a long shadow. As I journeyed down the roadways in our small town, it occurred to me that my shadow’s presence is much like God’s presence on our journey of life.

When the shadow travels before me, it coaxes me steadily forward. Like the shadow, God walks in front of me, slowing His pace when I tarry, staying just a step ahead when I hurry, and always beckoning me to take the next step.

I change direction and the shadow is no longer visible in front of me. Sometimes, when we turn down a different path, God allows us to explore, seek, and find our own way. Yet, he lurks right beside us, a constant Companion, unobtrusive but always present.

My distinctive shadow blends with the darkness when I move into the Shadows 9-8-15shade of the trees. How elusive does God appear when we step into the shadows of life? At first glimpse, God is absent, swallowed up amid the gloom of despair and desperation

A wave of my hand helps me differentiate my shadow from those that engulf it. If we reach out to God when lost in the darkness, we will find, just like our hidden shadow, that He’s been there all the time, perhaps unnoticed, but always faithful.

Is it difficult for you to find God when the shadows creep into your life?

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Patti Shene has enjoyed writing since childhood. Patti hosts Step Into the Light, an interview format Blog Talk Radio show. Since the show launched in September, she has hosted a variety of guests who share the ways they reach out to help others overcome the dark times in their lives. Visit her website for more.


  1. Good thought, Patti. God does seem as elusive as a shadow, but He’s so real when we try to lean on Him.

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