“…for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”
– Luke 6:45b

Stop for just one moment. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and think about this verse. What is your mouth speaking about? According to Luke 6 that’s what’s in your heart.

I was drinking coffee and curled up nice and cozy when I read this verse and it caught my attention like nothing else I’d read that morning. What I’m talking about comes from my heart. I know–that’s a simple idea and nothing that surprising. I’ve read this verse many times before, heard sermons on it, and I’ve probably even thought about it in the past, but for some reason it hit me more on that morning.

Overflow by Emilie Hendryx | Putting On The New Blog

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“Out of the abundance”

To be honest, I feel as if lately the abundance of my life has been focused on work. What a bummer, right? Unfortunately, it’s too easy to let busyness dictate my life. All of the sudden my existence is focused on getting things done, rather than the important things like time with the Lord, friends, and resting. Out of that abundance my heart speaks of tiredness and stress. You can imagine how unattractive that is for conversation.

I realized, as I read this verse, that I play a role in what is abundant in my life. I allow my focus to be what it is. There isn’t always an option to step away from some work, I understand that, but there is usually an option for what goes into your heart and what is refilling it.

It reminds me of when I was a youth leader to High School students. A few years ago there was a speaker who used an illustration to get his point across. He set up several cups and used a pitcher of water to represent God. With one specific cup (representing you) he filled it with water from the “God-pitcher”. That showed the time we spent with the Lord through prayer and reading His word. Then he used the cup that represented us and poured a little out to each cup. This showed how, when we interact with others, we can fill their cup just a little from what we’ve been filled with.

Overflow by Emilie Hendryx | Putting On The New Blog

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The main thing that stuck out to me was at the end. He put down the cup that represented us in the middle; it was empty and drained. He explained that we could become this way without being refilled–something that only comes from the Lord. Then, he used the “God-pitcher” to pour into the empty cup until it was filled to overflowing.

That is what the abundance of our heart can look like.

What is your heart saying?

Maybe your heart isn’t overflowing with God’s love at this point. Maybe you’ve dried up a little (like I feel I have) and need refreshment. Maybe the abundance of your heart is actually something negative like bitterness or anger and you’re seeing its affects on those around you. Or maybe it’s something more subtle than that, an abundance of discontent or nagging.

Whatever your heart is overflowing with (that isn’t Him), the Lord wants to drain you of the selfishness and fill you with Him. He want’s you to drink deep of His love and then reflect that back to those around you. To overflow with Him.

Lord, take away the things in our lives and our hearts that distract us from You. Replace those things with a desire for You and a craving for scripture. May the overwhelming abundance of our heart come from You and cause us to speak freely of You in love!


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