Adirondack Vacation

Adirondack Vacation

These past few days, I have been fortunate to spend a few days with my sister in the small Adirondack country where she resides. The activities we have engaged in have been thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable.

I grew up on the south shore of Long Island, but my dad was from the Adirondack Country. When we went on vacation, it was “up-state.” Even though I live on the plains of Colorado with the 14,000 plus foot Rockies towering over much of the state, the Adirondacks hold a special place in my heart. One of my fondest memories is stopping to picnic along a babbling brook with a small waterfall and rocks to run across. Our visit to Blue Ridge Falls rekindled those memories.

Blue Ridge Falls

The quaint little town where my sister makes her home now is located just off of Route 9 on one of the numerous lakes that dot the area. The surrounding mountain peaks blend in with the sky to form a soft, rounded, tranquil appearance. Rich, lush foliage hems in the twisting roads and highways.

The deeper we hiked into the woods, the more serenity dominated the cares of everyday life. God’s perfect peace seeps into the soul and takes residence there.

Scaroon Manor


We were blessed to be offered an evening boat ride. One of nature’s most beautiful spectacles is the path of sparkles cast across the water by the setting sun.

sunset on Shcroon Lake

The chairlift ride up Whiteface Mountain forms one of my most treasured memories. The chair have long been replaced by gondolas, so we chose to make the drive up the Veterans Memorial Highway to the parking area.

elevation sign Whiteface Mtn

We considered walking the stone steps to the summit, until we realized the steps gave way to rock.

steps up Whiteface

We all decided we were too out of shape to attempt that, so we rethought our strategy and took the elevator to the 4,687 foot elevation. The view from there was breathtaking!

Top of Whitefacce

Every time I return to the Adirondack North Country, I thank God for the opportunity to reminisce with my sister. The richer blessing is that we are given another chance to make even more memories.

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