Prayer A Life Line

Prayer A Life Line

Prayer. Is it something that you pull out only when needed or do you use it all the time?

This past two weeks my family including my extended family has been tested. A family member had an accident and the only way she made it through was with prayer. I believe that with every fiber of my being, because of all the injuries she sustained during the fall.

You know God doesn’t want us just to use prayer in emergencies and our time of need. He wants us to always be praying and talking to him.

Philippians 4:6 says to not be anxious about anything, but everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be known to God. 

That doesn’t mean that God is a genie and you can just get everything that you want. No, but it does mean that God cares deeply for us and he wants us to be speaking with him all the time, telling him our problems and letting him fix the situation. 
Don’t let prayer be your last resort when things are going bad; let it be the first thing coming from your lips in the morning when you wake, talking all day with the Father. How has prayer changed your life.?

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Allyson Carter is a contemporary and suspense author and blogger. She lives in Indiana with her husband, four children, a dog and three cats, where she homeschools her children, three on the autism spectrum. She has a personal blog at Faith and Homemaking where she writes about her family and faith.


  1. Prayer has changed my life, definitely.

  2. I agree! Prayer is powerful.

  3. Tina Dorward Tina Dorward says:

    Prayer is definitely a necessity in life, at least it is for me. I’m sorry to hear about your family member’s accident and will be praying she recovers fully.

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