5 Things I’ve Learned From Being a Grandmother

5 Things I’ve Learned From Being a Grandmother

I kept a journal for a while after my own children were born. I had forgotten how much I hated the “advice” I’d been given, mostly to do with sleep patterns and nursing. I gave those journals to my daughters-in-law when they were expecting. I probably should have read them first. Even though I promised I wouldn’t be the source of unsolicited advice, I have a hard time not acting out upon occasion in the manner of my own parenting of infants. Things have changed. On the other hand, it’s like I’ve left a legacy already, like my work here is pretty much done. I see the kids with their kids, and I think, something went right after all. I didn’t totally wreck them.


But, truly, a lot is different now from my generation, some things cycled, some things new and improved. I’m the one who has to adapt and its okay.

  • Praying is different. I know I prayed more for myself when I was a young mother. Now I pray for those kids and their parents, for safety and happiness and good health.
  • Hugging is different. It’s long-distance, when they send me pictures. I close my eyes and pretend since they live several hours from us. Pictures and cell phones and Skype are good. Kisses through glass and fingermarks on screens are precious.
  • Putting to bed is different. Back, front—blankets, bumper pads. Crib, portable cribs…monitors…to cry or not to cry. Wow. I have to ask and go with the flow.
  • Feeding is different. Every generation has an idea about when, what, and how much. Just because I’m Grandma, I don’t have the right to spoil them in this new day of strange chemicals and tons of allergies. But I’ll still make cookies and applesauce.
  • Playing is different. Have you seen all the cool toys out there? I give you permission to go try them out in the stores. Be the fun grandma. Have batteries on hand (in a safe place). Hide the magnets. Be flexible. And yes, pigs can fly and drive the tractor, and dancing is awesome. Ask mom about dirt.


And don’t go there about diapers…sheesh.

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Lisa Lickel enjoys the Wisconsin good life, where she ponders and writes. The author of inspirational novels, she is also the editor of Creative Wisconsin Magazine for the Wisconsin Writers Association.


  1. True, Lisa, the young are more selfish. I truly hope that’s a lesson I’ve learned well. It’s not all about me.

  2. 🙂

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