5 Things I Learn From Eve

5 Things I Learn From Eve

Five Things I Learn from Eve


 Genesis 3:20 The man called his wife’s name Eve, because she was the mother of all living.


I’m reading a devotional on doubt as found throughout Scripture for a few weeks. This one from Genesis is obvious—the doubt was already there in Eve’s mind, and fed by the serpent. “Did he really…?” It’s sad that a question is all it takes, but it’s true. We teach our kids to question things, and yes, we’re even told to test the spirits with questions to verify their origin. Why did this question from the serpent have such an everlasting impact? It wasn’t a question of exploration—a why, or a how, or even a when or where. It was a twisting of the facts.

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Eve listened and turned the doubt inward, but did not take her question to the right person. Why was it so hard for her to wait and ask God? It’s so easy to jump to a conclusion before I assemble all the information, and that’s what I ought to be ashamed of.


Eve engaged in a conversation about the doubt with the accuser instead of the accused, and as so often happens when we do this, we exaggerate the issue: “…neither shall you touch it…” It’s classic “I wish,” “I want,” “Just a little peek,” leading to “I deserve…”


Eve acted on her own, even though both the serpent and her husband were with her. Usually waiting and getting all sides of a story before acting is a better plan than giving in and going along with the crowd. We say the serpent lied, and sure, he did by refuting what God said, but he did so with a piece of the truth—God is keeping something from you. I know what it is. He doesn’t want you to have wisdom.


Eve desired wisdom she felt God kept from her. Once she learned what the serpent called God’s secret, she thought she deserved some of that good stuff. But the end result never justified the means. Instead she reaped fear and shame along with that wisdom. They just weren’t ready. “The eyes of both were opened and they knew…”


When I know I’m doing wrong I try to justify it. “The serpent deceived me.” How often do I do something I know will be bad for me because I’m caught up in the moment and know I’m forgiven? I’m like Paul, who says he knows the good to do but too often stumbles. It’s never an excuse…never. But my actions do prove my level of trust. Now there’s a thought to ponder.

Lord protect me from my doubt.

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Lisa Lickel enjoys the Wisconsin good life, where she ponders and writes. The author of inspirational novels, she is also the editor of Creative Wisconsin Magazine for the Wisconsin Writers Association.


  1. I liked this: “Why was it so hard for her to wait and ask God?” Yes, that’s me so often.

  2. uh huh

  3. Janet K. Brown says:

    Loved this, Lisa. We learn from failure, others, but most of all our own. I never thought about what I had to learn from Eve’s failure, but you are so right. We should take our doubts & worries to the Lord. He can handle it. The devil ruins us in the process.

  4. Thank you, Janet, and amen.

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