A Church Where You Hear God’s Voice

A Church Where You Hear God’s Voice

I’ve seen people get very critical about churches. They frown at those who go to a different church or leave to find one where they feel comfortable.

The challenge we all face is hearing God’s voice and not someone else’s. There are people who speak so loudly in our lives that we hear them above God’s voice. It takes practice to know when God is talking to you, and often, lots of prayer and alone time.

I find that when I’m really confused by the plethora of advice I might be getting (in anything, work, marriage, life) that I need to “step back” mentally and ask God to speak to me clearly. Everyone has a different way of connecting with Him, and for me, its quiet time and prayer. I’m kind of a noise sensitive person anyways, so when I need to concentrate on anything I need it quiet.

Pay careful attention to yourselves and to all the flock, in which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to care for the church of God, which he obtained with his own blood.

Acts 20:28 (ESV)


Lately we’ve been trying to find a church. We thought we had, then we found out some things that didn’t sit well with us. We prayed on them and decided to seek out another church. We went to many of them. We researched them, visited them, talked with our friends about their churches… and we prayed. We prayed for a church home to help us get acclimated to our area, to make friends, and to grow in our faith. That last one, that’s a biggie. We’re not people who can be on autopilot in church. It just doesn’t work.

For us, it’s everything about a church: the music, the people, the message, the teachings, the outreach… it’s like finding your soul mate in a way. You might have a list of things you’re looking for but the only way you know when you found the right one is when you feel it and know it in your heart.

Personally, I’ve “tried out” a few different churches, all Christian, and have seen the different ways people chose to worship. I say, the place where you hear God’s voice speaking to you is the right place for you to be. Sometimes it’s going to be in the same place as your neighbors and friends, and sometimes you’ll find it in a different church. Only you know when God’s voice is ringing through.


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