The Cost of Friendship

The Cost of Friendship

“Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .””
C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

We often take friends for granted. They are there for you when you need them, provide great (and free) advice, and are usually your strongest supporters. They laugh at your corny jokes, put their arms around you and cry with you, eat ice cream with you (even if they’re on a diet), and are just there for you when you need them. I don’t know if you’ve experienced this type of friendship, but it’s a powerful thing.

It is too easy to take these type of friends for granted.

Today, take a few moments to think about your friends. They are gifts from the Lord–to you! How exciting is that? God has placed people in your life for specific reasons, it’s His way of helping you grow, of encouraging you, and of creating a greater purpose for you both.

Think about this. A good friend will…

  • Puts your needs before their own
  • Models Christ to you
  • Pushes you to be better
  • Isn’t afraid to tell you the truth
  • Takes the good and the bad
  • Never gives up on you
  • Spends time with you
  • Values your opinions

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It’s not always easy, though we’d like it to be. There will be tough times, but a friendship that’s founded on Jesus will last. It will weather storms, stretch long distances, and always land on the fact that the friendship is important for what it gives you both, not just for one person.

Think of your best friends (yes, I think you can have more than one) and take a moment to reach out to them today. Maybe it’s through text or a phone call–maybe even a written note–but let them know that they are special. That they are loved.

I have had the benefit of many strong friendships that have lasted past time zone changes, a move across the country, and even one of us living outside of the U.S. It’s possible. And better yet, it’s helped us grow in ways we never would have imagined.

Count the cost of friendship and realize it’s more than worth it!

Consider what it takes to be a good friend. Are you that friend?


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