Romans 8:38-39

For I am convinced… (v. 38)


            My Uncle Jim started college as a pre-seminary student. He later became a salesman. Years after my own experience with faith, I asked him why he didn’t become a pastor.

“Others in the class kept saying things like, ‘Jesus told me this,’ or ‘I heard God’s voice saying this.’” Jim’s eyes darkened. “I didn’t know what they were talking about,” he admitted. “God lived a long time ago. I thought they were crazy, and I couldn’t accept that they were talking to God.”

I’m glad he didn’t become a minister if he felt like that. But it made me wonder what he really thought about God. He had grown up in a church that preached God was out to punish the wicked, he told me. He knew he was wicked and couldn’t conceive of a God of kindness.

After I learned of and experienced the forgiveness that God offers to everyone, I was able to have hearty conversations with Jim. I introduced my God to him. It took years, but I’m happy to say now that Jim is convinced that God loves him and forgives him. Are you convinced?

Holy God, I believe in you and your loving kindness, and I know that nothing will ever change that. Amen.

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Lisa Lickel enjoys the Wisconsin good life, where she ponders and writes. The author of inspirational novels, she is also the editor of Creative Wisconsin Magazine for the Wisconsin Writers Association.

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