No Dream Is Too Big For God

No Dream Is Too Big For God

I was watching a program on one of the religious networks. I cannot remember what network it was but I thought the speaker said something very interesting. And that is, that God often communicates with people in through pictures. Many of the prophets saw visions and the book of Revelations was done through vision. God even took Abraham to the stars and said

“Look up at the sky and count the stars–if indeed you can count them.”

Martin Murphy | Creative Commons | via unsplash

Martin Murphy | Creative Commons | via unsplashid to him, “So shall your offspring be.” Genesis 5: to him, “So shall your offspring be.” Genesis 5: 15.

Then he said to him, “So shall your offspring be.” Genesis 5: 15.

The reason why this idea caught my attention is because I am a day dreamer. I like to dream of the future, what I want, and what I can be. For myself, I sometimes feel that my dreams or vision will never come to past.

I laugh and joke with God, telling Him that it is better for me to live in my head, because I always imagine myself doing things, and I never know how it can happen in real life. But then it was like God told me that the dreams and visions were not my own. He strategically placed them there so that I could see the future that He had in store for me if I would just trust Him and follow His path.

It really did sound easier said than done, but what we sometimes forget is that we have a big God, and nothing is impossible for Him. When we are given dreams of what we want to do with our lives and where we want to go, it is quite possible that God put them there. Even more so, God wants to show us that these dreams can become possible if we believe and trust God that He, no matter what the outside world says, can make them possible.

Although I prefer to live in the perfect vision inside of my head, I have a choice to make. Daydream all day, wondering, dreaming, and thinking what it would be like for these dreams to come to past. Or tell God that I trust Him, and no matter how big or impossible my dreams may seem, trust that He has a way to make them real. And instead of daydreaming about it all day, ask God what steps He wants me do to, to ensure that I am on the right path. This way, I can be sure that the dreams I see inside of my head become a reality.

Never think that your dreams or too big. Even though you cannot make them happen on your own, you serve a God that can make them happen. The whole point of God showing you your dreams and what you can be, is a constant reminder that you need Him in order for them to come true. And once they do come true, there is not doubt that God made it happen for you, because He showed you; through the visions in your head. What He was capable of.

Never give up dreaming, and never for a second think that God could not choose you as an example of His glory. This is exactly the kind of thing that God wants to do, just so long as you keep your eyes on Him and remember who got you there once you see your dreams come true.

Chris Sardegna | Creative Commons | via unsplash

Chris Sardegna | Creative Commons | via unsplash

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