Have We Got Everything? Moving on to the New Year

Have We Got Everything? Moving on to the New Year

At the start of every new year I always find it a little hard to transition. The year written on my checks is always the previous one, the date book I use from the previous year always stays open longer than it should (while the current year’s version is closed and un-updated on my desk), and the little gratitude notes I write to my husband are always dated with the previous year. This goes on for a few weeks.

Even today, the 11th day into a new year, I’m stick stuck on the previous one. It’s not that I’m resistant to change so much, it’s just that I’m feel like I need to think about things. Like I’m still thinking about what I needed to do in 2014 even tho it is clearly 2015. It takes me a while. I’m an over-thinker. Not a worrier, so much, although I do too much of that, too. But overthinking in the area of planning, reflecting. Overthinking and moving forward at a different pace than everyone else.

Still, I get there eventually. I get there because of God. He knows how I am. He made me, of course, and understands me. Some of the things I wish were different about myself are the very ones that make me a unique creation of God.


I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Psalm 139:14


I love how David admires his body, his mind… all because it was made by God. I go back to this verse a lot, especially because I tend to be self-critical. I beat myself up for things a lot. And I wonder why I’m “wired differently” than others.

But today, I will cling to this verse, and embrace the notion that God made me this way and it is wonderfully done. After all, I guess the world needs someone who mentally checks that we didn’t leave anything behind in 2014 that we needed to carry with us to 2015, right? Even if it does take until ten or eleven days to decide that it’s okay to embrace the new year.


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