Attitude is Everything!

Attitude is Everything!

Since this post is for January 10th, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about for my first post of the new year—even had the Bible verse I planned to use. But as Proverbs 16: 9 (NKJV) says, “A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.”

Soooo…I guess the post I’d planned will have to wait for February post or maybe not. (See above verse for reason.)

Anyway, I pray that everyone had a wonderful Christmas, but I know that not everyone did. Some because of circumstances out of their control and some because they chose not to.


Who would choose not to have a wonderful Christmas? Probably not many would choose to do that consciously, though a few may have. But just because we’re unaware doesn’t mean we didn’t make that choice.

Count me among the unawares.

You might remember that in December’s post I even mentioned the fact that I love the Christmas season but not necessarily Christmas Day. I mean really! Talk about a bad attitude. I’d already planned to not have a good Christmas.

And I didn’t mind telling everyone else. Talk about a Grinch. That was me! Just because I’d had not perfect Christmases the past few years, I’d decided I would never have another one.

Proverbs 23:7: “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.

Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy. My attitude and my words were ensuring that I wouldn’t have a good Christmas—this year or any other one—ever again. But God is good!

God’s Spirit spoke to my spirit a week or so before the big day reminding me that everything’s not all about me. I know! Shocking as it was, it was exactly what I needed to remember. I decided to smile and enjoy the day for the people around me—because it was their Christmas, too!

And…. I had a good Christmas! And everyone around me seem to have one as well.

It’s amazing how when you focus on making other people happy, you get a little more happy as well! Well, actually, it’s not all that amazing. That’s another one of God’s principles—you reap what you sow.

If you sow grinchiness, then all you reap is more grinchiness. If you sow Christmas joy, then you’ll reap more Christmas joy.

And I’m already excited about next Christmas.

An interesting point is that Proverbs 23: 7 has been one of my anchor verses these past few years as I dealt with my brain tumors. I would remind myself over and over that my thoughts had power when it came to my health.

But somehow I seemed to have forgotten all about that principle when it came to Christmas, and especially my attitude about Christmas. Mmmmm…. I wonder what other unaware attitudes of mine need adjusting….

So what have you been grinchy about lately?


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