Keep the Christ in Christmas

Keep the Christ in Christmas

“Tis the season to be jolly!” “Jesus is the reason for the season.” “Keep the Christ in Christmas.” Are these mere clichés?! Christmas has become so commercialized that many –including Christians – forget that we are really celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Now that we are in the Advent season, may I gently remind us to not get overwhelmed due to the commercialization of the holiday and focus on the spiritual significance of the season.

Christmas_blackFridayI remember as a child, Black Friday being a major event. Now, driven by greed, Retailers have increasingly tried to find more ways to drive sales by opening up shop earlier and earlier each year to where they have begun to rob their employees of their Thanksgiving Holiday. Preliminary reports have indicated that Black Friday sales were down this year perhaps driven by the fact that many Retailers started offering discounts before Thanksgiving and many shoppers opted to shop on-line, as Cyber Monday sales saw a slight increase. I was out and about over the Thanksgiving weekend and personally observed how empty stores were. I kept wondering, “where are the Christmas shoppers, why are the stores not packed with people?” More importantly I’m wondering, “where is the Christmas spirit?” This year, I do not feel Christmas in the air. Despite Retailers putting Christmas and Thanksgiving decorations out at the same time, which was at the close of Halloween, I feel as if something critical is missing.

Christmas_PeaceOnEarthI’ve had to stop and remind myself that the season is not about putting up Christmas trees and decorations; the season is not about listening to “Christmas” music; the season is not about getting and giving gifts; that we have received the greatest gift of all – the gift of salvation! We can rest knowing that we have the unconditional love of Christ! While we were yet sinners, He died for us. This alone is worth celebrating 365 days a year. We must be careful that we are not overcome with the cares of this world that we lose site of the weightier matters. We are in this world, but not of the world. So as we celebrate the Advent season, remember to keep the CHRIST in Christmas. And remember JESUS is the reason for the season!


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  1. Thanks for your post of an important reminder. Wise men do still seek Him don’t they?

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