Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen

Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen

The Bible teaches us that

“Many are called, but few are chosen.” Matthew 22:14

I think it comes a point in many people’s Christians lives, that they wonder why they were put on this Earth. To be honest I used to be one of those people who thought this way. I would go about my day to day life, doing whatever satisfied me in the moment, not really thinking or caring about what my purpose was.

But as I drew deeper into God, it was like a light switched on and I noticed that He called me out. He showed me a vision of a life that He wanted me to have. This is a crossroad that I think many people will come to. I feel that God is calling us out every moment of the day, wanting us to become what He wants us to become.
When God began to show me what He wanted me to be and what He created me for, I could have chose to do one of two things. Believe God, and go on the path that He has chosen for me. Or stay in my foolishness of not really doing or accomplishing anything much.

As I look back now, I have left many friends behind. Some Christian and some not. Some leading lives of complete and utter turmoil and some in the same place they were 10 years ago. I would sit back and wonder, why God chose me. What made me so special that He would call me to do what I do?

I have come to learn that there is nothing really that special about me at all. I feel that God calls us all to be great in some way shape or form, but it really is up to us if we give in to God’s call.

On the path that God has given to me, a lot of it, in fact most of it has not been easy. I am a single mother, going to graduate school full time, often times I am tired and exhausted, and struggling financially. But I keep going, because I remember the vision that God gave me.

I once read a book called the Dream Giver. I feel that he explains this aspect perfectly. God calls us all to be great, but because the path is too rough, crooked, or hard; many people give up before reaching their destination. Or some do not even bother to try to reach their destination at all.

Some may even think that they do not have the right to be anything, because they are a drug addict or have made mistakes in the past. But I have come to learn a wonderful aspect about God, and that is

”But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinthians 1:27

Meaning that when you are are a really jacked up person, God wants to use you all the more. The reason being is because when you are really jacked up, and by some miracle of God (literally) you amount to be something that no one would have ever thought you would be, then that must mean that God is real. Everyone will see that there is no way by your own effort that you can do, so there must be a higher power to help you out.

It is not because of you, that you prosper, but because God wants to bring glory to Himself. And because God used you to do is, then you are blessed in the process.

Isn’t that amazing?

This may sound all fine and dandy, but being called is not easy?

There may be times where God is going to put you through trails, hardships, things may come your way that you cannot control. It is not because God wants to hurt you, but rather He wants to know if He can trust you.

God knows that if you survive the twist and turns of life, then you deserve to be one of the chosen.

I remember that no one really told me that my dreams where attainable. A lot of people thought I was insane when I began on my journey. But I had the vision that God gave me, and slowly but surely my dream began to become a reality. I still have some ways to go, but as I get farther and father, I see the doubters began to become believers. Not just in me, but what God is doing through me.

I would like to encourage you, if you have a dream or if God gave you a vision. It is there for a reason. Do not give up, and it is not too big. Trust yourself, and trust God to get you to it. I am convinced that many people are going to be disappointed when they get to heaven and see all the things they could have had here on Earth, had they just tried. Do not be one of those people. Be one of the chosen.

About Sophia Reed

Sophia Reed is a single mother of one. She has a Master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and is currently pursuing her PhD in human behavior. She enjoys mixing her education and experiences with her Christian beliefs through her blog at Therapy Counseling.

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