I recently went Facebook dark, because there was so much sad and depressing news coming across my timeline. I have since started back intermittently checking my account but severely censoring what I read and the amount of time I spend browsing Facebook. After limiting my Facebook time, I think I somehow started watching more of the news and began getting depressed hearing about everything going on in the world right now – it made me think, “Lord we are definitely living in the end times! There are wars, rumors of wars, disease outbreaks, erratic weather patterns and all sort of political and social unrest.” I actually became anxious and fearful.

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Before, I sank into a sea of depression at the current World News, a small still voice whispered, “pray”. I began to pray and was reminded of the scripture that says to pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 (KJV) The New Living Translation says, “never stop praying”. This is a good reminder for us all to not be anxious or worry about anything, but to pray about everything always; that there is not a particular time or posture that is the right time or way to pray, but prayer is a matter of the heart – man should always pray.

For those of us who have small children, designating a time to pray and sticking to it can be quite a challenge. The beauty in this scripture is that it reminds us that we ought to always pray and to not get wrapped up in or distracted by form or routine in our prayer life. The most important factor is to simply pray and talk to God; cast our cares on Him.

The news has not gotten much better, Ebola has finally made its way to American soil but not before affecting several countries across West Africa killing thousands; there are new terrorist threats that continually aim to cause harm and wreak havoc; and our matter of national security has come under intense scrutiny all this adding to stress levels causing fear and panic in many of us.

As Christians, when we find ourselves nervous, anxious or fearful – no matter the time or day, let’s all remember to stop and pray! Never stop praying.

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