Being Tested and Still Keeping The Faith

Being Tested and Still Keeping The Faith

This season for me has been a very dry season. It is so strange because the place that I am with God I thought I would never be. When I first started my Christian walk, I felt God presence. I was so full of joy and I wanted to talk about God and His love all day every day. Then an amazing thing happened, life. Things started to go wrong. Actually everything started to go wrong. Being a single mother, dealing with a pay cut from work, struggling, and feeling like the whole world is resting on my shoulders. And there was nothing I could do about it. When did life become like this? Even more so, how could I find it so hard to trust God during this season. I am coming to learn that the further you come in your Christian walk, the more God is going to push you and point out the things in you that need to be purified. I make this sound all nice, but in actuality it is hard. For myself, I am always used to handling things on my own. I never want to ask for help. I felt like I never needed help. I believed in God, but I felt like why bother God will my trivial problems when I can just do it myself.

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What I saw, as not being a burden on God. God saw as pride. Therefore, He set to take things from me so that I had no choice but to depend on Him. And that is easier said than done. How can I look at my financial struggle and trust that everything is going to work out for the best? How can I give my all, not see any progress in the natural world, and trust that God is working overtime to make everything alright? How can I have so much trust in something I cannot see? I am reminded of the story of Issac and Abraham. We all know that Abraham brought his son, Issac, to the mountain to sacrifice at the petition of God. But let’s look at it from the aspect of Issac. Historians agree that at this time Issac had to be around 30 years of age. Imagine your father is telling you that he is going to take you up to a mountain and God will provide the sacrifice once you are there.


Issac sees no animal but he still has to trust his father, that everything is going to be alright. Now imagine, when Abraham pulls out the rope to tie Issac up. Issac very well could have freaked out, but he didn’t. He willingly submitted to being tied up and he still had to trust his father that everything would be alright. Now imagine Abraham pulling out the dagger and gave the appearance that he was about to jab right through Issac’s chest. What do you think Issac thought? What would you think? Everything around him was telling him that he was going to die! He was tied up, he was helpless, and his father stood over him with a knife. But yet and still, Issac had to trust that everything would be alright. I am not saying that God wants to hurt us or that He is standing over us with a knife. But how many time have you looked around and your environment seems chaotic. All the signs are saying you are failing and you are not going to make it through this struggle. Do you think you can have the faith of Issac? Do you think you can ignore your physical situation and trust your father. Even though all looks lost, can you trust that God is not going to do anything to hurt you? I know I am having trouble with this, but this is indeed what we call faith. Through the hard times, our faith is going to be tested time and time again. At first it may be settle ways, but as you grow with your walk with God, is sometimes takes a relationships with God to know that everything is going to work out in your favor. Even though your circumstances is telling you that it won’t. You may be asking, why on Earth would God do this? I have come to learn that when ever you come out of a desperate situation you know you cannot get yourself out of. You have no choice but to know that God brought you out of a situation that was beyond your control. Even though it may hurt you going through it, when you come out, you know that it is God that brought you out. With this, you learn to increase in faith and your relationship with God increases. So sometimes, all God is asking you to do, is to be like Issac and trust Him despite what is going on around you.

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Sophia Reed is a single mother of one. She has a Master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and is currently pursuing her PhD in human behavior. She enjoys mixing her education and experiences with her Christian beliefs through her blog at Therapy Counseling.


  1. Kristin Bunting Kristin Bunting says:

    This is so helpful for women, Sophia. You explained so well the pains God allows in order to show us our true need…more of Him. Oh, the grace to see clearly!

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