What Was Meant For Bad, God Turned To Good: My Transformation As A Single Mother

What Was Meant For Bad, God Turned To Good: My Transformation As A Single Mother

I guess it is true when they say,


“You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.”  Genesis 50:20


I am truly a living testimonial of this. At the age of 23 when I found myself pregnant and alone, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was a self-proclaimed party girl and proud of it. Although I was not doing bad in life, I was not 100% sure I was ready to be someone’s mother.

The father of my child felt the only option for me was to get an abortion. Even though my pregnancy was not intended, I did not want to ignore what God was telling me to do.  God told me very clearly, that I needed to be woman enough to accept my consequences.  This meant having a child, knowing I would be the only person to raise him.

When I made a choice to listen to God, I made a commitment to do it whole heartily. I told myself I would enjoy my pregnancy and not let anything get to me. And this is what I did. There were moments, in which I felt sorry for myself and my impending life as a single mother. But those days and feelings where short lived.

imaeAfter having my son, I went through the whole, “I am going to make you be in my child’s life” attitude with my son’s father. Little did I know, God had a plan for that. If something is not good for you, God is going to make a way to remove it. When my son was four weeks old, his father became incarcerated where he would spend the next six years.

It’s true when they say the body’s response to a difficult situation is either a “fight or flight” response. I chose to surrender my life to God, and with Him, I flew.

God had things in mind for me that I did not even know I could achieve. It first started by giving me a better job in which I would be making $20,000 more. Then God told me to get my Master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, and go on for a PhD.

In six years I went from being that party hard 23 years old to being a 30 years old God fearing woman. God made a transformation in me. Not just for my good, but for His.

As a single mother I was supposed to fail. This was supposed to be something that should have defeated me. Now I am a home owner, I send my son to a Christian private school, and most of all I seek to encourage and inspire women who are lost like I was.

What I learned is that God wants to take you out of your hardship and make you shine in the process. Even though the process may seem difficult (by no means is being a single mother easy) His grace is sufficient, and He will provide you with what you need to make it through. This is the biggest lesson I have learned, is just to trust Him.


About Sophia Reed

Sophia Reed is a single mother of one. She has a Master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and is currently pursuing her PhD in human behavior. She enjoys mixing her education and experiences with her Christian beliefs through her blog at Therapy Counseling.

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