O Lord, From My Youth

O Lord, From My Youth

Do you remember when you first learned to pray? When you got down on your knees and talked about the people you wanted to have protection? Or who you most wanted God to bless.

In those days, I never prayed about myself. I remember a long list of names for my parents, grandparents, friends, and even some of the pets people had. But I never asked for help for myself. I wonder if this is because as I got older I realized just how much I needed help, or I didn’t think it was part of prayer.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to pray for everyone that I want to talk about. That includes myself, friends, family, and strangers. But there is something about those early days that makes me realize in many ways I’m still that little girl when it comes to God. I still get a thrill knowing I have a lifeline to Him in the form of prayer. I still like the fact that He and I can bond over our wish for a better world.

It sounds childlike, doesn’t it? This attitude that I’m His child is thrilling for me. This verse helps me get to that place when I need it.

For you, O Lord, are my hope, my trust, O Lord, from my youth.
Psalm 71:5 ESV

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Cherie Burbach is the founder of Putting on the New. She is a poet, mixed media artist, and freelance writer. She's written for About.com, NBC/Universal, Match.com, Christianity Today, and more. Her latest book is: Art and Faith: Mixed Media Art With a Faith-Filled Message. For more, check out her website.

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