What Is Your Spiritual Gift?

What Is Your Spiritual Gift?

There’s been an online test making its way around the internets these days that I found of interest. It’s about your spiritual gifts. You take the test, and it tells you what areas your spiritual gifts fall in. My first reaction when I saw the link was, come on… but of course I took the test anyway.

It should be noted that spiritual gifts aren’t the same as talents. But your talents can help share your spiritual gifts.


Case in point.. my spiritual gifts were: evangelism, teaching, and leadership. When I finished the test I thought: those don’t apply to me. But when I looked at my life as a writer, they did. And maybe that’s the point. In my “real” (non-writing) life, I wouldn’t say I’m a natural teacher or leader. I certainly don’t always speak eloquently in person. (Okay, I rarely speak eloquently in person.)

But God takes all these different parts of our personality and makes something amazing out of them. He gives us these spiritual gifts so we can reach out to each other. A while back I talked about how we each have our own personal ministry. I love the thought that we can each make a difference. The world really tries to discourage us in this area, doesn’t it? But not God. He tells us to go for it because He’s got our back.

I’ve been in a lot of discussions with friends and people from church about this concept of our spiritual gifts. Some of us worry about this. Like, if we don’t really know what they are we can’t be making a difference. I used to think this way. So let me tell you: don’t worry if you’re not sure where your spiritual gifts are. Because you no matter what, you have a gift (or more than one) and God is using them. It doesn’t matter if you’re aware of it, because He uses everything you do.

If you are aware of what they are, remember this: It’s still about Him. Sometimes we’ll be blessed with talents or gifts and then think we’re supercool because of this, and we might be cool but the glory goes to God alone. He’s the one that gives us our gifts and allows cool things to happen because of them.


Are you interested in taking the online test I mentioned? It’s here. Feel free to share what your gifts were.

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